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Marble is a beautiful choice for your Indiana kitchen!

Honed marble is the choice for kitchens

Marble countertops come in three finishes, honed, polished, and leathered. Honed finish is the only option we install in kitchens. Kitchens are busy places, and the soft, matte finish of honed marble won’t show scratches as much, and shows the stone off as a more natural look. Because marble is more porous than other stone, there will be signs of use. Some say that it becomes part of the charm. Designers sometimes refer to marble as the “blue jeans of countertops” – they show the wear and tear of life, but that’s also what gives them their character. But no worries, Cornerstone Marble & Granite can refurbish and reseal the finish, if desired, in the future. See store for details.

We now have marble that's made in the USA

These beautiful marble slabs are quarried in the state of Vermont

We seal our marble against spills.

Modern sealers have come a long way in protecting the naturally porous surface of marble. Cornerstone Marble and Granite takes some of the worry out of potential spills and splashes that will occur in a busy kitchen with their high quality marble sealer.

Get the magazine look of marble today!

FAQ's about kitchen marble countertops

Is marble stain resistant?

One of the main concerns that homeowners have about choosing real marble for kitchen countertops is that it will stain, but today’s sealers are highly effective at preventing staining, without altering the look of the stone itself.

Is marble heat resistant?

As with any stone countertop, always use hot pads or trivets under pans to avoid scratching or scorching. But having said that, marble is one of the most heat resistant stones out there, and is much more heat resistant than engineered quartz. Because of this resistance to heat, marble is a popular choice for fireplace surrounds.

Doesn't marble scratch easily?

Etches and scratches are bound to occur from time to time, as marble is a porous stone. But because of the overall beauty of marble, people have learned to embrace this characteristic of the stone. Also, the finish of marble can be restored and resealed after a recommended couple of years of use.

How do you clean marble countertops?

First, wipe up spills quickly. Clean with mild soap and water