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Quartz Countertops by Cornerstone Marble & Granite

We Fabricate and Install Quartz Countertops for Home and Business in Indianapolis

Because of the beauty of quartz, its durability, reasonable cost, low maintenance, color and style, quartz countertops are quickly becoming a very popular choice over granite countertops in Indianapolis and the central Indiana area. Another reason for popularity is due to quartz being featured on so many cable remodeling shows.

Quartz slabs are available that look just like marble (and granite too!)

Quartz countertop slabs can imitate the look of granite and marble with beautiful veining throughout. 
And if you want the look of white marble, the stain
resistance of quartz is much more superior than marble—and quartz never needs sealing! Quartz also comes in speckled and solid colors.

Although quartz is a natural stone, and the hardness of quartz is second only to diamonds, quartz slabs are considered a man-made product.

The process of manufacturing quartz countertops requires that the quartz stone first be ground. The ground quartz then is formed and colored, and ultimately held together by resin and polymers. This process has been enhanced in recent years, giving the consumer a vast artistic variety of colors, patterns and styles to choose from.

When Quartz might not be the best choice...

Cornerstone Marble and Granite would love to show you a wide selection of quartz slabs for your project.

We have vast experience in guiding your project through completion. Cornerstone is not just a place to order stone countertops, we are full-fledged stone countertop fabricator with state-of-the-art equipment in house!